Processing Methods
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Processing Methods

The processing methods of LemonTime™ Lemonade include a four step process.

Step One Pressing the Lemons

Using only the finest lemons from California and Florida, the lemons are peeled and pressed by 2 ton stainless steel hydraulic presses. The juice is collected in 500 gallon stainless steel tubs.

Step Two -- Seed Removal and Filter

The seeds are removed from the juice by passing it through a seed pit collecting screen. The juice is then filtered to remove the large pulp and peel remnants. The smaller pulp is left for your enjoyment.

Step Three Mixing

With the secret combination natural ingredients, the lemon juice is mixed thus creating LemonTime™ Lemonade.

Step Four Bottling

The fresh LemonTime™ Lemonade is then bottled in various sizes from a 16oz bottle to the 5 gallon party keg.

This fresh LemonTime™ Lemonade is then shipped within 24 hours directly to you or your local reseller.

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